Superb workmanship ... installed front camera and did a great job. Works perfectly and the installation went smoothly although the car interior was very complicated. Highly recommended.”

Mel S.

Our customers love what we do

Very professional work on any kind of car , my LS400 got a new amp and new radio very good job!!

Erick S.

I was looking for a Car Audio Shop near where I live. I checked the my IPhone map and I found this place. It had good reviews, so I stopped by Friday (3/30/18) morning and spoke to Ed. Nice guy, friendly told him I needed to replace my antenna mast for my 02 Lexus SC430. The antenna mast was broken in half, he was able to remove the broken antenna mast with the plastic cable. He said, he'll call me back later today or Monday, about the price for the antenna and that his labor is $75.00 an hour. Ed called me the following Monday morning with some good news, he had watched some You Tube videos(which I had also researched over the weekend) and said it could take 10 mins and that it'll cost $25.00 for labor, the only suggestion that Ed had was, we should order the OEM antenna mast from Lexus, because of the different years and various lengths, going cheaper might not be best. I agreed and told him to order the antenna mast and I'll see him Wednesday (4/04/18). I called Lexus of Sahara, they had one left, $77.39. At least its original equipment and they are local if anything happens to the antenna. Wednesday morning comes, I'm there at 855am, Matt greeted me, and Ruben took my keys and drove it in back to their service area. I asked if I could watch, they said to ask Kevin, I asked him, He said, No, I couldn't be in there, because of insurance, which I understand. Most service and repair shops are like that, so I had no problem. All I did was step outside the garage onto the common area, I could still see everything fine. Kevin had Ruben assist him with turning on the Radio, so the motor to the antenna base could spin. Kevin took the new antenna mast, slipped the end of the plastic cable into the hole and the cable went right into the hole and took the whole antenna mast with it. They tested it a couple times and then Kevin screwed on the holding ring for the antenna mast and that's all she wrote!! I also, timed it... Kevin did it in 9 minutes, actually! Which was impressive, since Ed told me 10 minutes! Wow!! Total cost: $108.77 I would recommend you give these guys a call and talk to Ed! Thanks Guys!!!

Fred C.

Ed hooked my daughter up for a remote start for her 17th birthday . They get shit done here ! Best part is she got what she wanted and they didn't upsell me with a bunch of bullshit I didn't need !

Lv D.

This place is OUTSTANDING!. Top level service top level techs. Gave them a budget of $300 they came in at $200.00 and finished the work early. If the rest of the world was like these guys there would be no Conflict. Craftspeople in what they do. If you have new independently purchased high-end gear look no further for your install. Worth every penny!

Alan R.

These guys really know how to do audio. Professional and quality installation done right. This is the place to go in Las Vegas for all your Car, Boat, Motorcycle and other audio needs. They upgraded my Jeep Wrangler stereo and wow! Sounds 20 times better and the price was great! Thanks Again!

Chris D.

These guys will be my go to for stereo installations; I came to them to install cd player and speakers in my boat. After a brief discussion of what I expected we set a date. They completed the work faster than expected; the work was clean where I can show off to my friends. One the most refreshing things was I had my own items (cd, speakers). There were no pressure sales to purchase their products. Will tell all my friends this is the place to go.

Kenneth B.

They are amazing ! I have a Jeep Commander, they always have some weird part or custom ordered aftermarket prices in order to fit the touch screen radio. Unnamed bigger stores wanted a crazy amount money to install the new stereo system. I was so happy with their work and customer service. They did great work; they were fast and knowledgeable. The new upgrade made my 2007 Jeep feel brand new with backup camera and touch screen radio for $200 less than other big name stores. Fast, friendly, and quality work! Ask for Eddie. He is amazing.

Amber H.

The Team removed my existing Alpine Stereo System, which was defective, and sounded weak. Ed & Kevin replaced, reworked the entire system, and now I have a dynamic sound system. The work ethic at Dealer Kustomz Direct is outstanding, their installation impeccable, and their invoice was respectable.

John Beard

The staff that I spoke to were all very enthusiastic and knowledgeable able their jobs, and the store had a nice selection of good quality products for sale. Prices did seem to be a touch on the higher side, but they were still fairly reasonable

Dylan Guidry

I have gone to this guy for a long long time before he was even dealer Customs Direct, it was another name prior. But these people here are the ones who go through Kevin and Eddie! These guys are the ones if you want good quality stereo, good quality Equipment, good quality alarm systems, speakers, amps, anything you can think of, they can get it. They're honest they will tell you whether they really think what you're trying to get is good good quality or you should get something that's going to be way better for your purchase. I get nothing for this but I'm giving them the great rating because every time I go there I get great service, and I'm always happy with everything I have purchased from there never had any problems. Also if you're looking to upgrade a Harley-Davidson, a friend of mine went there and they have a sound system for your bike that will be killer. Anything you want it can go in the bike as long as you have bags on the side and room on the bike. Anything from lights to speakers to amps, or even double DIN stereo touch screen full setup. I highly recommend you go try these guys out and you will never be disappointed

jerry denning

Kevin and Ed delivered exactly what they said they would, perfectly. Great company, excellent service, delivered on time. They carry the best and install as mechanical/architectural engineers only cold. No half efforts. Want the best? Hire them.

Michael Jacobs

Ed and crew have done 2 vehicle systems for us and both times service, quality of work and products are all top notch . Wouldn’t go anywhere else they are very knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with !!!

Matt Moore

Kustomz Direct provided diagnostics on my car stereo situation, determined the failed device, and made repairs saving me money. I was out the door superfast with a couple extra bucks in my pocket and great tunes in my ride. Everyone's situation will vary but I would trust Kustom with any of my future car audio needs.

T Kelly

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